-On the Road: Gravity is Progressing
Gravity Caster, is also well known as NingBo Best Polyurethane Co., Ltd, is located in Tonglu, Hangzhou, which has been voted as the most beautiful town in China. The mother company, NingBo Best Polyurethane, was founded in 1989, which became one of the leading manufacturers of wheels as well as swivel and fixed castors for every field of application. In recent years, our company has specialized in design and manufacturer of heavy duty wheels and casters, so we gladly introduced Gravity Caster to the public in 2016 with 60,000 square meters new facilities and more than 200 well-trained employees. Gravity is moved by only one goal: Keep Dreams Rolling. For this company philosophy Gravity manufactures everything from scratch to ensure meeting different customers’ quality standards, as well as a completing control on delivery dates. All of these allow us to continually guarantee the high Gravity quality standard.